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The standard terms and conditions are applicable for all service provided by SafeRec AG, Lindenweg 25, CH-4303 Kaiseraugst and the Affiliate of SafeRec AG, Gütterstrasse 59, CH-4133 Pratteln, subsequently mentioned as SafeRec AG.

SafeRec AG reserves the right to adapt or change the standard terms and conditions at any time. In case of any changes, the standard terms and conditions apply on the date we have confirmed your order.


SafeRec AG provides services for the secure data destruction. The customer orders these services via www.saferec.ch, pays the respective amount and receives thereafter a form. The form has to be signed and placed  together with the respective data storage device(s) into a package. Optionally the customer can order a box directly via SafeRec. The package can be send from any post office either by normal or registered mail (see standard terms and conditions of Swiss post). After the package was received at the post office it will not leave any more the closed loop network of Swiss post, as SafeRec AG is integrated into the Swiss post logistic center in Pratteln. After the destruction of the customer’s device, he/she will receive an email containing a certificate of destruction and the order process is completed. The data storage device(s) is/are irreversibly and completely destroyed. The shredded material will be further crushed using the plant of a partner. The final product will then be fed raw materials into the recycling circle.  
SafeRec AG reserves all rights to not execute the service offered in case the respective bills have not been payed.

Order and contract

An online order via www.saferec.ch is equal to a written order and is therefore considered as a legally binding contract.


All shown prices are including 8% VAT. Any fees by using credit card or maestro payment will be instantly charged and collected. By choosing bill as payment method we request a payment period of 10 days.


The data storage devices will be irreversibly destroyed and the data permanently deleted. Customer data will be kept as confidential information and not be handed over nor sold to third parties.

Prices and conditions

Aall prices are not binding and can change at any time. Changes to pricing will be made public. Changes to prices are not retroactively.  Any special conditions and rebates can be applied retroactively in case of larger amounts.


The packaging must protect the content from external impact such as vibration etc which may cause breakage fo the equipment or gadgetry. Wherever possible you may want to use the original packaging provided from the manufacturer. The equipment or gadgetry must be packed in a way that it cannot be switched on coincidentally. Electronic equipment which contain Lithium ion batteries such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras etc. are only allowed to be shipped with the batteries inside of the equipment and while the batteries are in unobjectionable conditions. Spare, separate or damaged Lithium ion batteries are not allowed to be shipped.

Applicable la wand jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable. Jurisdiction is Rheinfelden AG, Schweiz.


SafeRec AG
Lindenweg 26
CH-4303 Kaiseraugst
Tel: +41 79 322 02 00
Mail: info@saferec.ch